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Public Meetings


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Public Meetings

A model open and transparent "Participation 3.0" effort to create an open standard for distributing public meeting notices, agendas, documents, etc. across the Web 2.0 world.

Project elements include:

1. Short description - An example two pager for our

We will jump start explorations with an open specification on a future "" (domain may vary) data network and an "" data scraping effort that quickly builds a Minneapolitan-centered prototype. Quickly demonstrating the power of a geo-aware tool for personalized alerts about upcoming public meetings from the dozens of public bodies that serve Minneapolis will build momentum for a useful open standard for direct use by government technology providers and government websites. may include features that encourage public comments and rating of comments on upcoming meeting agenda items. This will test our proposed open source-style design process to bring together democracy/participation experts, government staff/interest elected officials, and technologists/geeks in a group process that leads to the most effective results that actually serves the greatest public good with a sustainable "move the field" design as an end goal.


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