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Minneapolis neighborhood forums


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See our Neighbors forums for links to all the neighborhood-level Issues Forums hosted by E-Democracy.

See below for forums hosted independent of

SPECIAL - Live in Minneapolis or St. Paul? Take this quick survey to express interest in a neighborhood forum for your area. Then tell a friend.

Current Neighborhood Forums in Minneapolis

Over the years, participants in the Minneapolis Issues Forum have gone off and created their own independent e-mail discussion lists for specific neighborhoods. Our Neighborhood Forums effort will help folks create new forums as part of a city-wide, mutually supported network.

Forums hosted by E-Democracy.Org:

A number of neighborhood associations and the police precincts have one-way e-mail announcement lists, but our model is two-way. These forums may join our efforts/server or be linked to from this web page. Unless a forum is inactive, Minneapolis E-Democracy will not create duplicative forums.

Known independent forums included:

Related forums:


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