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** [[United States]]
** [[United States]]
== About E-Democracy.Org ==
Pages related to the development and governance of E-Democracy.Org
* [[Start A Forum]] - This template for starting a forum, is still under development, but feel free to tak a look.
* [[Forum manager resources]] - Templates and forms that can be used or modified.
* [[Participants guide]] - Tips and tricks for participating in an E-Democracy.Org forum, including a "users guide to Groupserver" (our  discussion forum software).
* [[Projects]]
* [[Get involved]]
* [[Strategic plan]] - for 2007-2009
* [[E-Debates]] - resources you can use to organize your own online candidate debate
*'''GroupServer''' - [ GroupServer] is the open source software package that we use to host our forums. Watch the video.
** [[Groupserver feature ideas]] - List new features that you'd like to see
** [[Groupserver Brainstorm]] - March 2006, using this to collect new ideas.
* [[Outreach]] - Notes on outreach to new participants and diverse voices
* [[Grants]] - Our drafting zone for grant proposals
* [[Minneapolis neighborhood forums]]- Our planning effort
* [[Oxford e-democracy evaluation]] - Notes on the evaluation of [ Issues Forums in the UK]
* [[Drafting Zone]] - A place where E-Democracy.Org volunteers can draft documents, proposals, and other works in progress.
== Help ==
== Help ==

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