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Difference between revisions of "Knight News Challenge 2010 drafting"


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* [[DemocracyMap Knight News Challenge submission]]
* [[DemocracyMap Knight News Challenge submission]]
* [[Inclusive Social Media Knight News Challenge submission]] - Long shot considering categories
* [[Knight News Challenge Public Meetings Submission]] - Update and resubmit this 2009 round two reaching proposal?
* [[Knight News Challenge Public Meetings Submission]] - Update and resubmit this 2009 round two reaching proposal?

Latest revision as of 02:49, 1 December 2010

This is the application text from Knight ... we will edit here or via Pirate Pad.

Select the category under which you are applying: *

Mobile - Seeks projects that use mobile devices to produce, deliver, consume, share and otherwise engage with news. The category reflects the fact that the mobile phone, with 5 billion units in use, has become an important tool for news.

Authenticity - Looks for projects that help people better understand the reliability of news and information sources. We're hoping to identify promising ideas for helping citizens negotiate our oft-chaotic media world. How can we help news users better evaluate the validity and trustworthiness of news and information? How can we better filter and assess the credibility of what we read and watch?

Sustainability - Considers new economic models supporting news and information. New ways of conducting and consuming journalism may require new ways of paying for it. We're open to ideas for generating revenue as well as ways to reduce costs.

Community - Seeks groundbreaking technologies that support news and information specifically within defined geographic areas. This is designed to jump-start work on technologies and approaches that haven't arrived yet. Unlike the first three categories, submissions in this area must be tested in a geographically designated community.

Project Title: * 10 word(s) remaining

Requested amount from Knight News Challenge: *

Expected amount of time required to complete project: *


Total cost of project including all sources of funding: *

Describe your project: * 500 word(s) remaining

How will your project improve the delivery of news and information to geographic communities?: * 300 word(s) remaining

What unmet need does your proposal answer?: * 300 word(s) remaining

How is your idea new?: * 300 word(s) remaining

What will you have changed by the end of the project?: * 300 word(s) remaining

Why are you the right person or team to complete this project?: * 500 word(s) remaining

What terms best describe your project?: * 300 word(s) remaining

Have you applied to the Knight News Challenge previously?: * How did you learn about this contest? *

You may attach optional supporting material. The first file you upload will be your cover, so if you are uploading an image, upload it as the first file.

Click here to view valid file types and sizes.

Note: Do not submit a file larger than 20 MB. Larger files will cause your entry not to be submitted.

File Upload1: File Upload2: File Upload3: File Upload4: File Upload5: By submitting this proposal the applicant represents to Knight Foundation that:

  1. The work is solely that of the applicant or people working with applicant who make these same representations to Knight Foundation.
  2. The applicant has not infringed on the rights of anyone else in creating the work.
  3. The applicant indemnifies Knight against any claim of infringement of rights by others.
  4. Publications, instructional modules, or other products, materials, or information (including computer software) developed in connection with this project will come into the public domain and shall NOT provide royalties or otherwise inure to the personal benefit of individuals connected with this grant. Any monies realized by grantee, any sub-grantee, and agents and affiliates from product sales must be utilized exclusively for this project or for non-commercial educational or charitable purposes. Grantee agrees to include this condition in any sub-grant utilizing funds from this grant and in any agreements with agents and affiliates.
  5. Knight Foundation is under no obligation to fund or otherwise have a future relationship with the applicant. If it does choose to have a relationship, Knight Foundation may suggest various kinds of relationships, including contracts, grants, loans, program-related investments, or other kinds of investments and relationships.
  6. Awards will be licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike license. To encourage truly creative ideas and initiatives, the Foundation will consider, on request, ways to keep such ideas confidential during the application process. Please contact the Foundation if you have major concerns about protecting your ideas or initiatives so that we can see if we can work with you to achieve your objectives. Any software and applications developed under the grant will be open source and released free under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2 or 3, at Grantee's option), or with Foundation's prior written consent, another open source software license approved by the Open Source Initiative.

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