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Javascript in GroupServer


A growing number of browser UI elements in GroupServer are using JavaScript. As this growth continues, the JavaScript environment provided in the GroupServer framework continues to mature. The following is a summary of the JavaScript environment that is in GroupServer as of August 2013.


Nearly every egg that provides a part of the JavaScript foundation of GroupServer is in this namespace.


Everything uses jQuery. GroupServer provides jQuery via gs.content.js.jquery.base. It currently provides version 1.9.1.


GroupServer provides Bootstrap via gs.content.js.bootstrap. It currently provides version 2.2.2.

jQuery UI

GroupServer provies jQuery UI via gs.content.js.jquery.ui.


Because many pages are made up of loosely coordinated viewlets, any of which could require any given JavaScript resources, GroupServer developed a dynamic JavaScript module loader that manages which modules have already been requested and retrieved.

Loader is provided via gs.content.js.loader.

Form Supporting JS

Showing/Hiding Content

GroupServer JS Objects

The following eggs provide JavaScript resources that include JavaScript objects for interacting with GroupServer.

  • - Provides a GSSearch object to fetch and display search results.

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