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Google Summer of Code 2013


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Project Ideas

Mobile Posting

Skills Needed: Mobile Development (mobile optimized HTML5/CSS/Javascript, possible Andorid or iOS app programming); Git

In an effort to make online neighborhood dialog more accessible, we are looking to create a great posting experience for our mobile users. We are especially interested in making the process of posting a photo from a mobile device as smooth as possible.

In this project, you will implement a front end that easily allows users to make a post from their mobile device. The frontend should be optimized to look good and function well on a smartphone, and should have the specific purposes of allowing a user to select which group to post to, select which thread (or a new thread), authoring a post, adding a photo from their devices storage or camera (if they choose), and submitting the post/photo.

The initial version of this frontend will be developed as an HTML 5 page. After developing this page, OS specific apps might be developed that rely heavily on the webpage, allow a user to delay transmitting their post, and add Post to E-Democracy as an option to the OS photo share menu.

Data Frontend

Skills Needed or Learned: Data Visualization; Data Mashuping; UI Design and Implementation; HTML 5; Javascript w/ jQuery and Backbone or Knockout; Git

Like any other organization, we need to make decisions based on data. There is quite a bit of data stored in the E-Democracy platform that we can access in a raw format, but this doesn't really help use make decisions on what we can do to foster discussions in neighborhoods. An interface that makes it easy to visualize data about our dozens of groups or thousands of members would be hugely valuable to our staff, and in the future, researchers.

In this project, you will implement a front end using HTML and Javascript that allows a user to select certain datasets (posts, groups, users, Google Analytics data if possible), set boundaries on the datasets (e.g. posts in certain groups over a certain month), and select a form of graph output. The front end will then fetch the requested, bounded datasets from a provided API (this may or may not actually exist yet, so this might be a dummy API), create the selected graph, then allow the user to download the created graph.

Web and VoIP Blockclub Prototype

Skills Needed or Learned: Drupal; MyVoxBox; VoIP Implementation; Git

We have a dream that neighbors should be able to share community and emergency information on whatever technology they are most comfortable with. Image a service where your neighbor could call a number and record a message for her nearest 50 neighbors. Then you could listen to her message on a website, and respond via a text message.

In this project, you will help create that dream :)


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