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This is a public list of future, prospective, or possible local Issues Forums.

Future - Forums in Active Development

A lead contact has been established and a steering committee formed or in progress.

Prospective - Communication Active

  • Atlanta, Georgia - Interest from Amherst Conference, late June 2006
  • Birmingham, England - Youth-oriented Issues Forum
  • Bristol, England - Neighborhood forum first in Knowles West, potentially part of Connecting Bristol Digital Challenge bid
  • Blacksburg, Virgina - In early communication Virgina Tech with NSF-funded research project lead by Prof. Andrea Kavanaugh
  • Chicago, Illinois - Plotting relaunch perhaps with city-area forums instead on one large forum for this very very large city.
  • Kingston upon Thames, England, possible quadrant forum
  • New Zealand - Grant proposal submitted by Dan Randow (OnlineGroups.Net/GroupServer) in partnership with community radio for regional forums - Canterbury region includes Christchurch which has an online group from earlier outreach presentation
  • Northlincolnshire, England

Possible - Queries Received

  • Carrboro, North Carolina
  • Evergreen, Colorado
  • Los Angeles, California - Connection with Los Angeles Neighborhood Issues effort
  • Madison, Wisconsin - Very early discussion with Lew Freidland about connection to Madison Commons
  • Norfolk County, England - includes King's Lynn, Norwich
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Washington, DC - Interest exists, meetings held - need point person with current time - DC has an extensive network of neighborhood forums that could be leveraged
  • West Jordan, Utah

Other - Places to Prospect?

  • Croydon, England - Have community networking project, Tim met with them
  • Duluth, Minnesota - Attempt to find Forum Manager in previous 1999 effort faltered, still exists on YahooGroups

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