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Developing for E-Democracy


Hello. This page is meant to be an introduction for anybody who is interested in developing code for

Our primary online platform,, is a email list and web forum hybrid. It is actually a slightly customized version of GroupServer, which is an email/forum platform built on Zope 2. Anybody interested in developing on should check out the GroupServer home page (you'll note in the following section a number of links to GroupServer specific lists/repos/tools).

Project Ideas

Looking for a project to work on? Or inspiration for an E-Democracy project of your own? Check out the Project Ideas Category for a listing of several technology ideas we have identified. Many are tagged in multiple categories based on the required technology and the purpose of the project. Some are quite detailed, others are simply inspiration.

Developer Tools & Resources


If you would like to install an instance of E-Democracy on your local machine, follow the instructions in Installing GroupServer and E-Democracy.

To see an overview of an entire installation of GroupServer - including a web server, database servers, and email transfer agent, please see the Technical Architecture page on Note that this is slighly out of date; GroupServer is now built on Zope 2 (which is actually an upgrade despite the smaller number ;) ) and installations can use Nginx as a webserver.

GroupServer Development Reference is a growing category of technical references related to the GroupServer platform. For those who have never coded in Zope before, Zope Component Architecture is a good place to learn about one of the foundations of Zope and GroupServer.


Bug Trackers

Beginner Proejcts

If you're new to the GroupServer project, we suggest you checkout the Low Hanging Fruit tickets in the GroupServer bug tracker. This tickets are great projects for getting your feet wet as a developer in GroupServer - they are actual features and bugs that need to be taken care of, but they are small enough that you can take the time to learn about the GroupServer platform, the development tools we use, and the community.

Also, we encourage anybody interested in developing on E-Democracy or GroupServer to join the GroupServer Development list, introduce yourself, and let us know what ticket you're going to tackle. Post your problems as you encounter them and ask questions. The community will be happy to help you contribute to GroupServer.

Lists and IRC

  • - - The main development list for GroupServer
  • - - The main list for discussing E-Democracy projects of any type
  • #gsdevel on - Primary IRC room for GroupServer developers. E-Democracy coders hang out there too.

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