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Workshop Template


This is a sample workhshop template. Something that might be useful to someone offering a workshop for the first time.

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Participants will be receiving a broad knowledge of key factors in the teaching of writing with an understanding that writing is essential to thinking. Practical tools to improve writing will be shared.




Notes for Presenter

Use this space to insert any special notes that the workshop presenter might find useful.

Short Outline

  • (30 min) Welcome & Introductions by the School Leadership Center CEO, Brian Riedlinger
  • (45-60min ) Foundation and tools to improve students' writing abilities.
  • (20 min at each table, participants move to three tables ) Conversation with veteran writing teachers. Participants will be divided among 6 tables in which a veteran writing teacher will lead a discussion on an aspect of the writingh process ( content, structure , stance, sentence fluency , diction, conventions and holistic assessment,use of rubrick)

( Ken can edit this piece)

  • Wrap up and Evaulation - (20 minutes) participants discuss salient points from conversation
  • Group Assignment for next workshop
       ( Try several of the strategies presented and bring copies of student work, 

both meeting standars and nor meeting standards.

Detailed Outline

Example: Blogging (Same as above - but fill in details/links)

  • (10 min) Welcome & Introductions
    • Presenter should introduce themself and provide a brief overview of the workshop.
    • Ask participants to introduce themselves and say something about their experience with or interest in the workshop topic.
  • (15 min) What is a blog
  • (5 min) Tools
    • Quick tour of some popular blogging tools
  • (40 min) Users set up their own blog
    • Walk through the process of setting up a blog using
    • Ask advanced participants to help their neighbors and/or experiment with some of the more advanced features of
  • (10 min) Wrap-up and Evaluation
    • Provide short conclusion to the workshop
    • Leave at least 5 minutes for participants to fill out an online evaluation of workshop.

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