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Recreation / Sports


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Recreation & Sports in St. Paul

Skateboard Park

  1. One is on Front Avenue between Dale & Western

Neighborhood Festivals (include upcoming dates/location)

  1. Highland Fest August 12 - 14, 2005
  2. Irish Fair of MN August 12 - 14, 2005

Nice places for a bike ride:

  1. Gateway Trail starts just north of the Capitol and heads north-east into Washington County. Rails-to-Trails conversion, so grades are gentle. Connects to other trails at Lake Phalen.
  2. Morgan Trail - very flat overall; you can ride from Battle Creek to Minneapolis AND BEYOND!!!
  3. hard to beat Crosby for a shaded cruise through some woods. Off-trail stuff is very sandy, and if you get stuck, you'd better have insect repellent!
  4. Lists of Trails

Nice places for a picnic:

  1. Mounds Park
  2. Newell Park
  3. Como Lake
  4. Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary - bring your own blanket. Also a good place to bring little kids to ride their bikes safely.

Nice (hidden) Parks in St. Paul

  1. Newell Park (Hamline Midway, Fairview and Pierce Butler)
  2. Bay Triangle, a.k.a. Cullen Park - hidden, but not very nice, yet...
  3. parts of Crosby
  4. Swede Hollow
  5. underneath the High Bridge at the Xcel Energy Plant (best after dark)


Youth Soccer Resources

  1. St. Paul NEAT has a web page about youth soccer opportunities.
  2. Sibley Area Sting Soccer program
  3. MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Association)
  4. Highland-Groveland Recreation Association
  5. Blackhawks of St. Paul, Youth Soccer Club

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