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As an Issues Forum participant you have different channels for providing ideas, feedback, concerns, or compliments to the forum manager, staff and the Board of Directors.

For Feedback Concerning a Specific Issues Forum

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns about your local forum, contact your local volunteer Forum Manager.

Login for your list of forums and simply "request contact" from the Forum Manager's public profile accessed when you click on their name. If you have trouble finding the right person, use our web Contact Form.

For situations where it would not be appropriate to contact your local Issues Forum manager directly, see below.

Related to Multiple Forums,, Rules, Forum Mangers, and Similar Topics.

For ideas, questions, or concerns related to forums, rules, the organization, contact Executive Director (and Issues Forums staff lead), Steven Clift via our Contact Form.

Please note that any complaints about E-democracy personnel or forum management must be thoroughly documented and specific. We will confirm receipt of complaints within one week and inform you how we will handle it according to policies and procedures.

See the current rules to review of appeals processes related to official warnings and participant suspensions.


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