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Policy concerning legal threats


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Adopted by the Board January 2010. For further context, see our Rules.

Policy Concerning Legal Threats

All registered participants agree that they will not threaten nor sue E-Democracy.Org (including its volunteers, staff, contractors, or Board members) for content written by others on the online network we host. Participants agree that notice of a potential libel suit against E-Democracy.Org must contain the signature and full address and telephone number of the person alleging libel. Non-participants are requested to provide the same notice. The author of the alleged libelous post(s) may have their posts moderated by a Board designee (not the local Forum Manager) until such time that the legal dispute is resolved.

Anyone threatening to sue or take legal action against E-Democracy.Org (or our staff, contractors, Board members or volunteers) may not participate in any forums or activities until such time that the legal dispute is resolved and the threat of legal action against E-Democracy.Org (and its representatives) is removed in writing with signature.


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