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Neighborhood links template


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Press edit, copy text and paste into the Minneapolis neighborhoods of interest.

The template starts here:

Minneapolis Minneapolis neighborhoods


The XYZ neighborhood is located in ..... Minneapolis. It is roughly bounded by X Avenue on the east, Y Avenue on the west and Z Street on the north and A Street on the south.

[Name of Association Here (use actual link or delete is no website] is the official neighborhood association. It usually meets at PLACE on DAY and TIME. Their phone number is 612-XXX-YYYY.

Links are allowed only to places/groups that meet specifically within or directly bordering a neighborhood - no exceptions. See the nearby neighborhood Name (east), Name (west), Name (north), or Name (south) for additional links.


  • Link to localized map somewhere
  • Link to Google map
  • Link to ariel image

Local Elected Officials

  • Council Member
  • Park Board member
  • State Representative
  • State Senator

For city-wide representatives see ...


  • [http:// Link to specific park board page]


  • public
  • private
  • charter

Clubs and Associations

Arts and Culture Places and Programs

Local Library

See XYZ neighborhood. (if none within borders,bordering)

Places of Worship

  • Websites required for listing, otherwise see local searches below

Non-profits and Service Organizations

  • Websites required for listing, otherwise see local searches below

Neighbors with Blogs

Locally Owned Restaraunts and Bars

  • Websites required for listin, otherwise see local searches below

Locally Owned Small Businesses

  • Websites required for listing, otherwise see local searches below

Demographics and Statistics

Post Office

Crime and Public Safety

  • Crime Alerts via E-mail from # Precinct
  • Sex Offender Map (local zip code)

Other Websites in the Neighborhood

Web Searches by Local Zip Code

  • We can list a number of interesting pre-set searches here - test to see that the search result is linkable

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