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Great Expectations


  • When: 3-5 p.m, Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
  • Where: State Room, 7th Floor Elliott School (1957 E Street NW), George Washington University - Paid parking available in building.
    • Bonus: Post-event happy hour gathering at Karma at corner of 19th and "I".
  • Cost: Free and open to the public.
    • If you like, you may make a voluntary donation to E-Democracy.Org at the event by check or donate now online.

RSVP - Join our Who's Who List of Attendees

  • RSVP Requested HERE via Wiki - Space is Limited:
    • Please RSVP by pressing edit to add your name to this wiki page. Please add an "*" at the end of your name if you hope to join us for happy hour at Karma after the event.
  1. Steven Clift, E-Democracy.Org *
  2. John Wonderlich, Sunlight Foundation
  3. Malou Tiquia, Publicus Co., Ltd.
  4. J.H. Snider, and Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics & Public Policy (spring semester)
  5. John Kamensky, IBM Center for The Business of Government
  6. Alan Rosenblatt, Center for American Progress and
  7. Julie Segal Walters, Democracy Lab, AmericaSpeaks
  8. Susanna Haas Lyons, AmericaSpeaks
  9. Thaddeus Ferber, Youth Policy Action Center
  10. Matt Leighninger, Deliberative Democracy Consortium *
  11. Chuck Georgo, NOWHERETOHIDE.ORG *
  12. Patricia Bonner, USEPA
  13. Emily Feldman, American Association of Law Libraries
  14. Paul Blumenthal, Sunlight Foundation
  15. Daniel Schaub, U.S. Department of State
  16. Joseph Graf, American University
  17. Kelli Emerick, Secure ID Coalition
  18. Lisa McAvoy, GalleryWatch
  19. Meredith Cicerchia, Wireless Communications Association International
  20. Edwin Davis, Common Cause
  21. Alexis Fabbri, Washington Internet Daily
  22. Karen Reilly, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
  23. Heather West, CDT
  24. Kathy McShea, Emerald Strategies, Inc.
  25. Jack Bienko, Big Bros Big Sisters Org
  26. John McNutt, University of Delaware
  27. Lucas Cioffi, DeepDebate
  28. Elizabeth McLean, LWVMD
  29. Betsy Morris, Planning for Sustainable Communities / Cohousing/US
  30. Marc Chimes, Celadon Communications, Inc. *
  31. Sheila Campbell,
  32. Jared Ford, NDI
  33. Jake Patoski, NDI
  34. Angela Canterbury, Public Citizen
  35. Andrew Burnette, Worldwatch Institute
  36. Peggy Garvin, Garvin Information Consulting
  37. Nicole Guerra, Georgetown University
  38. David Witzel, Forum One Communications
  39. Mike Minks, Youth Service America - ServiceVote
  40. Lisa Nelson, General Services Administration
  41. Christopher J. Dorobek, Federal Computer Week
  42. Ashley Terban, The Nancy Bocskor Company *
  43. Patrice McDermott, Chris Green, Vivek Shah,
  44. Charles Kaylor, Public Sphere Information Group
  45. Adrienne Royer, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
  46. Greg Simpson, New Media Communications, Inc.
  47. Darlene.Meskell, GSA Intergovernmental Solutions
  48. Gregory Burnett, CDT
  49. Salem Paulos, Ashoka-US
  50. Allison Frieze, Ashoka-US

Simply edit, add your name to this list and look for the "save page" button. Questions or trouble RSVPing via the website, contact:

The room capacity is 70, so be sure to help spread the word.

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