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Example forum invitations


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Effective recruitment requires a one at a time approach. Below are example invitations our volunteers have used in the past. Starting with a general invitation, you'll find yourself creating more and more tailored invites.

Letter - Cedar Riverside

To community members of Cedar-Riverside,

As a joint effort of numerous organizations and individuals of Cedar-Riverside we invite you to join us in a new form of neighborhood communication:

Through the support of E-Democracy.Org we are creating a new online issues forum where neighbors can send messages to each other about important community topics and cultural events. Think of it as an open and inclusive message board that potentially everyone can read, participate in whenever and where ever they are.

Topics may include:

  • Neighborhood safety issues
  • Area schools and opportunities for youth
  • Local public health issues and options
  • Area environmental concerns
  • Local development and small business developments
  • Community announcements from local cultural and civic organizations
  • Other local issues and neighborhood life exchanges

Through this forum, our many diverse communities will have the opportunity to share their unique perspective and be heard, as well as to learn about one another. We will be able to instantly share important information that we can use in efforts to improve our neighborhood.

Sign up here - - and follow the simple step by step process to become a member of the new Cedar Riverside Neighbors Forum. You may participate via e-mail or web - your choice. With active facilitation and E-Democracy.Org's tested civility rules (real names, etc.) together we will maintain a respectful discourse, and positively encourage all in participating.

While this forum is independent from any existing local organization, many groups and volunteers from different perspectives and backgrounds across the community are helping extend this invitation. Please help us bring together hundreds of our neighbors by passing on this invitation and visiting the website today - - to sign-up.

Join Us!

Ben Marcy Amina Harun Rhonda Eastlund Mustafa Adam Jen Moates Hani Mohammed

To volunteer to help launch the forum, e-mail:

P.S. If you have any trouble signing up, simply e-mail - - with "Cedar Riverside Sign-up" in the subject with your full name and we will help you. Or call 612-605-0137.

Issues List - Frogtown

Join the new Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum

You are invited to join the new online place to share community announcements and discuss neighborhood issues specifically related to our diverse and dynamic community.

Topics may include:

  • Neighborhood safety issues
  • Transit, including light rail
  • Area schools, parks and opportunities for youth
  • Area environmental concerns
  • Local development and small business happenings
  • Community announcements from local cultural and civic organizations
  • Other local issues and "neighborhood life" exchanges

Through this new forum, our many diverse communities will have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives and be heard. We will be able to learn about one another, make new connections, and instantly share important information we can use to make our community an even better place to live, work, and play. With local facilitation, real names, and civility rules, this is local online experience worth your time.

Sign up from here to become a member:

You may participate via e-mail or web - your choice. If you have any trouble signing up, simply e-mail or call 612-605-0137 and mention the Frogtown forum.

This independent forum is being developed by local volunteers and hosted by E-Democracy.Org with outreach support from the Frogtown Community Development Corporation and District Council 7.

Please join us and invite others by passing on this message. Join the new Greater Frogtown Neighbors Forum

Letter - Bemidji


My name is Jeff Ueland and I am a resident of the Bemidji area and I am the facilitator of the new “Bemidji E-Democracy” forum. E-Democracy is an online forum which focuses on discussing and exploring local issues brought forth by members of the community. With the elections (nearly) over, many of the issues that are critical for Bemidji's future will begin to take shape and it is important that we have a wide-ranging and open public venue where people can discuss these issues as they evolve. An initial goal is to get as wide involvement in the community as possible by seeking participation from people of all social, cultural and political persuasions. Diversity of viewpoint is key to the strength of this type of forum and serves to facilitate comprehensive discussion on issues from a truly inclusive standpoint. The forum will begin allowing posts and discussion when we reach 100 members. To join, click the below link (the sign up process will take about 1 minute):

If you decide to participate, I will send you an email asking you to introduce yourself and to offer some thoughts on what you think the most important issues facing Bemidji area when the forum kicks off (we hope to begin posting within the month). The main requirement for participation is that you use your real name when posting a comment or thought (see information below on why we have this policy and what makes e-democracy different). To try and achieve as wide of involvement as possible, I am working to get elected officials to join the forum as well so they will have direct access to the running commentary we as a community are creating, and thus a direct line to citizen concerns and ideas. Additionally, please forward this email on to three other people who you think would be interested in participating (and urge them to do the same) so we can get this forum up and running as soon as possible. This is a very exciting time to live in the Bemidji area and we want to make sure we have an open and public means to discuss the issues that will shape our community in the years to come.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your comments on our forum and please contact me if you have any questions.

Cheers – jeff ueland

What makes E-Democracy different from a blog or other web-based forums?

Some of the key items that make the E-democracy model different from other forums is that it has a completely local focus. In addition, you may only post a maximum of two times a day, must use your real name, and remain civil at all in your comments. These basic rules require participants to take ownership of their words and prepare thoughtful commentary which helps to develop a constructive dialog. These three distinctions have served other communities such as Cass Lake and Winona quite well in creating a very productive place to share ideas and debate issues without the rancor that often occupies larger, anonymous forums. To see a full list of forum rules and to learn more about the E-democracy project in general click this link:

See Cass Lakes Forum:

See Winona's Forum:

Also, check out the new Bemidji Community Internet Project. This is a place for local classifieds, calendars, news stories, and opinion:

Letter - Standish Ericsson

> Please Forward ----->

Something amazing is happening. Over 150 neighbors across the Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods are coming together online to build a stronger community in the "real world".

Join me on the forum as it opens in the coming days. Once there are 200 of us, we will average one household per block. At 400, we will have 10 percent of the households in regular contact.

This online forum encourages e-mail or web-based (your choice) sharing of announcements and discussion of specifically local topics. From schools and parks to crime and local environment, we can now communicate across our neighborhoods in minutes.

Unlike most online forms, the host E-Democracy.Org requires civility and the use of real names. Participation is worth your time, on your own time. Because we live near one another, conversations will flow back and forth, offline and back online. Each of us is a connecting point to dozens of people on our block, on a walk, or at the park.

Where do I join? Visit:

Select "register and join" to sign-up. As a default, all members receive individual posts by e-mail and may publish text, photos, etc. by simply posting to "". A daily digest version simply listing topics with links read posts via website is available as well.

Two important rules keep message volume reasonable - no one may post more than twice in 24 hours and announcements must be either about events within the geographic boundaries of the neighborhoods or be made by direct participants in area community activities (e.g. an invitation to a Hiawatha Lions pancake breakfast hosted in East Nokomis can only be made by a Lions member who lives or works in Standish or Ericsson for example). The forum has two volunteer co-hosts, Victoria Ford (Standish) and Steven Clift (Ericsson) and they can privately answer any questions you might have - <email obscured>

Please spread the word by passing this message on your to neighbors.

P.S. Additional background on neighborhood forums across the Twin Cities is available - -. Also, while this forum is not officially sponsored by the Standish Ericsson Neighborhood Association, they are participating in its promotion. E-Democracy.Org, is experienced in supporting volunteers who host similar dynamic forums in over ten communities across three countries.

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