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Another advantage of purchasing an Electronic Cigarettes as a gift is the cost. The top electronic cigarette brands

are inexpensive. The starter kits are available for around $60. The starter kit includes everything the smoker will

need to get started. Contents for the starter kits can be reviewed at Cigarette Electronic cigarettes

provide the user with an easy way to smoke as well as a clean, chemical free alternative to thier traditional

counterpart. Giving e-cigs as a gift will provide the smoker with a simple solution to a healthier new year.

According to Cigarette, the users of electronic cigarettes find it easier to quit, and appreciate the

clean, chemical free alternative of e cigs. The users find that electronic cigarettes reduce the "cigarette cough",

and allow the smoker to smoke e-cigs inside or outside. Due to the ease of use, lack of second hand smoke and the

chemical free benefits many traditional cigarette smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. Giving e

cigarettes as a gift will allow friends or loved ones to take advantage of the a clean, chemical free benefits that

they have to offer.

The holidays are here, and with the many benefits electronic cigarettes provide they are an easy solution.

Additional information on electronic cigarettes can be found on electronic cigarette review sites like . They provide plenty of information, and user feedback to make the decision easier.


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