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The current plan is to use:

1. WordPress - For the simple debate content management system for debate posts and to generate RSS feeds of the debate for third party use.

2. Static HTML - For the top-level "start" pages for the debate. Some pages will dynamically presented using RSS from WordPress and any external tools that we use. We use Magpie to display our RSS.

3. YouTube - For *optional* candidate submission of video versions of their responses. Also, by creating a "Group" on the service or looking for specific Minnesota election tags citizens can share their video perspectives about the candidates. This second option would be geared toward first time voters.

4. PhoneBlogz - For candidates to optionally call in their 4 mandatory rebuttals via telephone. Converts recorded message into MP3. We will have these transcribed by hand. System could be used by candidates to submit audio responses as well based on their submitted text.

5. Odeo Record - An audio flash to MP3 recorder with a public inbox for "Voter Voices" with their own answers to the debate questions or comments on the debate. We may also want a video webcam/audio recorder tool.

6. Wiki - For our candidate link directories and any new "non-partisan" pages of content that are volunteer driven. May be used to allow folks to craft questions.

7. ? - Shared Javascript to Display RSS Headlines (Debate, MN-POLITICS) on External Sites - We want to make it easy for bloggers and others to offer a "live" window into our content. Perhaps Magpie, but we might want a third party service that

8. RSS Aggregator? - While we can use properly tagged "Blogger Panel" posts from Technorati (for example) to display posts from multiple sources, we may decide that we want to lump misc. feeds for display on our site.

9. Hipcast - For recording our own audio and video podcasts about the E-Debate and for our new project blog.


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