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Canada elections


The original page was hosted on DoWire.Org. With the next Canadian national election it will be hosted here.

Are you interested in e-democracy/e-politics? Join the free Democracies Online Newswire e-mail news list/blog.

How about using the Internet to connect Canadians in local communities after the election? Check out the Issues Forum model from the UK and Minnesota.

Liberal Leadership Candidate Websites

This website features an open policy discussion forum where supporters and potential supporters can share ideas. Individuals may submit policy ideas 1000 words or less to be considered for feature on the website in a prominent place. An open bulletin board discussion amongst users is ongoing on numerous topic areas. Login is necessary but no contact info is required.

Live Election Results, Alerts

Major Media

Unique Sites

Government Election-related Sites

Blogs About the Elections

Blogging Candidates/Parties

List only those candidate sites updated most days.

Allow public comments.

Without public comments.

  • Candidate name - Party - Riding
    • http://

Best Individual Candidate Websites

Elizabeth Kirley Simcoe-Grey Liberal Candidate

Satire and Humour

  • Name here
    • http://

Mobile Sites/SMS Features

  • Name here
    • http://
  • Name here
    • http://
  • Name here
    • http://
  • Name here
    • http://

Online Forums and Discussions

  • Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) (Election 2005 link soon)

Political Parties

Election Starting Points

  • Name here
    • http://


  • Name here
    • http://


Scores of DoWire members helped build a simple and comprehensive list of election related websites in the UK elections. Now we are doing it for Canada.

Simply find the right section, press edit, and insert a link in the proper place once you create an account on this wiki.

Also, for those "tagging" we are using "canada06" for election-related tags on and other services.


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