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Here is some text for a possible welcome message to your Issues Forum. Click Here to download a "clean" text version of this message for to cut and paste (without WIKI formatting).

- - - Sample Text to insert in Groupserver Welcome - - -

Please review the following items to ensure that your participation in E-Democracy.Org is as productive and rewarding as possible.

  • As a new member to the forum, your first 1-3 posts must be approved by the Forum Manager. Once you have established yourself in the forum, you will have full access to the forum without approval.
  • Please make sure that you are familiar with E-Democracy.Org rules for participation. In particular:
    1. always sign your posts with your real name and city or community/neighborhood.
    2. be nice, no namecalling or insults.
    3. be sure to check the posting limit for the forum, most E-Democracy.Org forums limit participants to 2 posts per 24 hours.
  • Your Member Page and Settings The first thing to do on the system is fill out your (optional) biography so other registered and logged in forum members can get to know you. From here you may also change your e-mail settings. You will by default receive all messages via e-mail. You can choose to receive an e-mail "digest" of headlines with links to topics or become an exclusive web-only reader with the "no mail" setting. Login here and choose "Your Profile."
  • Introduce Yourself to the Forum One of the first things to do when you join a new forum is introduce yourself. Tell everyone a bit about yourself and the issues or interests that brought you to the forum.

- - - End Sample Text - - -


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