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Welcome #2

Posted to Roseville Issues Forum on [July 10, 2006]

Once again, welcome to the Roseville Issues Forum.

Some of you might have signed up for the Roseville Issues Forum, without fully understanding of what it is. While I do like that kind of adventurous spirit, I'll do my best over the next 2-3 days to prepare you for what a Local Issues Forum is and how it works. If at any point, you have second thoughts about participation, you are welcome to "unsubscribe" yourself from this group or contact me for assistance.

We plan to launch the Roseville Issues Forum later this week, until then I'll just continue to provide 2-3 messages per day with information and updates.

The goal of the Roseville Issues Forum, is:

  • "To provide a vibrant online space where residents, elected officials, and community leaders - with diverse ideas and backgrounds - can discuss the important issues facing our community in a civil and respectful manner."

As we sometimes say, a Local Issues Forum is similar to an electronic town hall meeting where anyone can have their say, post a question, or share information - 24 hours per day.

The Roseville Issues Forum works like a "listserve" or an online "bulletin board." Most people subscribe via email, which means that each member gets an email copy of every post to the discussion. If you wish to reply to a topic, you simply send your email reply/message to:

  • roseville-issues ( at ) (this will work when we launch)

PLEASE NOTE: That once the Roseville Issues Forum gets going, you may receive anywhere from 3-15 messages a day (all of which are identified with [RIF] in the subject line. To reduce the amount of incoming email, you may choose to get a single daily "digest" of topics or turn off the email delivery and simply browse messages via the web.

If you know someone who might be interested in joining the Roseville Issues Forum, please send them to:

More information to come.....

Best wishes,

Tim Erickson, Temporary Forum Manager, Roseville Issues Forum


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