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Ward 9

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Dave Bicking

Urban Development--

  • Housing-- supports renovation of housing units rather than destruct and rebuild, and believes an adequate supply of low cost housing is essential
  • Stadium-- opposes subsidizing professional stadium

Public Safety-- strengthen civilian review board and address the qualities and priorities of police force

Fiscal Policy-- supports living wage ordinance

Gary Schiff

Public Safety-- increase the amount of firefighters and police officers, and supports the restorative justice program and also wants to foster a relationship between community and police

  • Youth-- opposes cuts to after school programs

Urban Development--supports city investments in commercial corridors and wants the city to clean up graffiti

  • Stadium-- opposes professional sports stadium
  • NRP-- supports the continuation

Environment-- balance with economic development, wants full funding of arsenic and lead cleanup

  • Transit-- supports greater expansion of the mass transit program
  • Smoking-- supports smoking ban in bars and restaurants

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