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Ward 2

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Cam Gordon

Fiscal Policy-- no regressive taxation, the city must sell land and help develop unused to land to increase tax base, also opposes new professional sports stadium and corporate subsidies

  • Campaign Finance-- good steps with the passage of Ethics Code, more needed including complete disclosure of campaign contributions and public support of city campaigns

Urban Development

  • NRP-- has been effective and wants to facilitate greater collaboration between NRP, CPED, and City Planning
  • Housing-- affordable housing for men and women of all incomes and has goal to end homelessness in the city

Cara Letofsky

Fiscal Policy-- supports tax increases and wants state legislature to provide aid, does not support a new professional sports stadium

  • Living wage-- supports raising the living wage to $11.78 an hour and applying that standard when granting city contracts

Public Safety-- refund Community Crime Prevention and continue to support Restorative Justice, does not support STOP Urban Development--

  • NRP-- develop third phase that keeps neighborhoods independent incubators of innovative ideas and redesign public services
  • Housing-- wide range of housing options and reduce cost of living by redesigning current houses and building more affordable units

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