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Ward 12

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Kevin McDonald

Public Safety-- restore funding to law enforcement, improve training to serve multi-cultural community, continue to fight nuisance crime and support Restorative Justice

Urban Development-- mix of owners, renters, and senior housing, and also mixed use development, against big block development including a vote against Cub Foods on 46 st.

  • NRP-- advocates continued funding

Environment-- advance the Minnesota Sustainability Initiative, increase the use of alternative fuel cars and hybrids in the city's fleet by 10% by 2010, and develop the water basin in conjunction with the environment

Sandra Colvin Roy

Public Safety-- keep fire and police highly funded, led efforts to save public safety positions

Environment-- oppose expansion of airport, and move towards greater use of alternative fuels in city car fleet

Neighborhood-- advocate for citizens needs and desires, opposed Cub Food strong on 46 st.


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