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How to Upload a File to the “Files” section of your Issues Forum We've used the St. Paul Issues Forum as an example.

  • First of all, make sure the file you want to upload is of a reasonable size and that you know where it is located on your computer. Images (JPG’s, for example) should not and need not be any larger than 200 or 300 kb, and no file should be larger than 1 Mb. (Recall that there are 1,000 kb in 1 Mb). Consider files smaller than 1Mb to be “small,” files from 1 to 3Mb “large,” and files larger than 3Mb “huge.”
  • Click on your new folder to open it. You can add new folders within that folder, or add files.
  • To add a file, click on “add a new file.” Give your file a Title and a Description so that people will be able to see what your file is about. Be careful here, because you cannot easily edit any mistakes; rather, you will have to remove the file and start over.
  • Once you have Entitled and Described your file, click on the “Browse” button and find the file on your computer. Then click the “add new file” button. Voila!
  • At some point you will want to remove the file. Click on the appropriate folder and look for the file to be removed. You will see “Remove file” to the right. Click on it and the file will be removed. It is unclear how to remove an entire folder.
  • To direct people to your file, go to the file yourself and highlight the URL. Copy & Paste it into an e-mail and send.

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