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== Unique Sites ==
== Unique Sites ==
*The King's Fund's General Election 2010 site - with analysis of the parties' health policies, key election questions and our expert blog.
* Pocket Politics - Compare up to 6 party policies at a time on 12 issues for 13 UK parties
* Pocket Politics - Compare up to 6 party policies at a time on 12 issues for 13 UK parties

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Help build the most detailed laundry list of UK election 2010 links.

Simple press Edit in section you would like to update. Currently, the links below are based on the 2005 election. Help update them for 2010. The web links are listed visibly to make it easy to cut and paste for sharing widely.

After you add a link, join and announce it on the UK Election Issues Forum. Use the simple subject line "New Link - Title of the site/page."

More information is available on UK and the communities we serve.

New 2010 Sites to Sort

If you are lazy, just put new 2010 sites in here and hopefully someone will tidy things up. :-)

  • YourNextMP - Free and open database of all the candidate standing. Crowd sourced by Demoracy Club volunteers.

Major Media

Listed by Alexa ranking

Also, see:

Political Parties

Unique Sites

  • How They Voted 2005 (... and so how you should) - short quiz (from The Public Whip) to compare your views with the actual votes of your local MP on key issues, to help you decide
  • New European Times - Site closely allied to Daily Kos, the largest political web site in the USA, where Brits discuss political issues in their country with Americans who support the Democratic Party.
  • The Dome of Conscience - a live score board of opinions voted by Election candidates

See "Discussion" page for extra note.

Election Starting Points


Government Election-related Sites

Satire and Humour

Blogs About the Elections

  • Jamie's Big Voice - Former homeless person and former drug addict, Jamie McCoy, blogging for homeless people to make their views known and give a commentary on the General Election campaign.

Blogging Candidates

List only those candidate sites updated most days.

  • Romseyredhead - Blog of Sandra Gidley (Liberal Democrat MP for Romsey since 2000, standing for re-election), who's been blogging since September 2004
  • Pete Wishart - SNP MP standing for re-election in Perth and North Perthshire, the the Scottish National Party's Campaign Director for the Westminster elections

Campaign Diaries

Candidate dairies carried on media and other non-party/candidate sites.

  • - Blog from the inside of the campaign of Charles Kennedy (leader of the Liberal Democrats), written by members of his campaign team

Best Individual Candidate Websites

None were nominated. Here are sources with links to individual candidate sites:

Mobile Sites/SMS Features

  • Stop Nuisance Election Calls - Campaign organised by the Liberal Democrats to stop the use of unsolicited phone calls during the campaign
  • Site Name - Desription
    • Full URL

Online Forums and Discussions

  • Vote 2005 UK Election Prediction - a forum where anyone can post predictions for each of the 646 parliamentary constituencies


New Sites

After listing a site above, please list the site a second time here - most recent addition at top.

  • The Dome of Conscience - a live score board of opinions voted by Election candidates

Live Election Results, Discussions, Alerts

Help add direct links to live election results, online chats, alert services.


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