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(Round One Highlights)
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To contact the chief instigator, follow [ Steven Clift "democracy"] on Twitter or visit []
To contact the chief instigator, follow [ Steven Clift "democracy"] on Twitter or visit []
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Round One May 1 Highlights

ROUND TWO - On Monday, June 1st, everywhere around the world join others and Twitter (AKA microblog) your Postal/Zip Code! Let's call it #LocalDay

Help Now

Take the #LocalDay Pledge Now to Spread the Word, by tweeting:

  • Or select your own language/country version from our LocalDay around the world list. (Please add your language/country/proper postal code scope.)

Then follow "localday" via Twitter for updates from the effort.

"Microblogging" alternatives - Twitter isn't the only place to share such short messages, try following "localday" on and other services ... (if you know about them, add a few here)

Special thanks to Craig Newmark for blogging interest in the idea and Tim O'Reilly for tweeting his 250,000 followers.


Hey, want to connect with your local neighbors online? Perhaps ...

  • Say hello to those in your community
  • Exchange a few notes on local issues
  • Organize a flash BBQ (outdoor party)
  • Meet other parents and kids for playtime at a local park, etc.
  • Just don't meet anyone in a dark place or do anything stupid - NEVER give out your exact address to someone you do not know and be careful with your full name.


  • Simply, put #YOURPOSTALCODE (no spaces) in a microblog notice on Monday, June 1 to say hello
    • UK Suggestion - #XXXX - microblog your "post town" or the stuff before the space to have a critical mass connection
    • Delete spaces, dashes, etc. if your country's postal code has them. If you don't have a postal code, just use the name of your local area with your country the beginning (e.g. #CountryPlace).
  • For example, #55406 is where I live.
  • Then by searching #55406 at I can watch others say hello. Search for #YOURPOSTALCODE instead.
  • This is similar to the #Flood09 "hashtag" without the national emergency.
  • Also add #LOCALDAY to at least your first post to build momentum


Add your group/site to the list of LocalDay sponsors.


This idea was inspired by the Minnesota Voices Online Unconference. If this interests you, so should also check out LocalTweeps.

Finally, while microblogging notices are fun, if you'd like to build local public life online, check out E-Democracy.Org's Community/Neighborhood Issues Forum efforts, our free webinar on local citizen media or our links on social media in local public life.

To contact the chief instigator, follow Steven Clift "democracy" on Twitter or visit

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