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Outline of the Problem / Task

Post by Michael, summarizing the problem

1) In regards to our large Issues Forums - our preferred method for launching a forum is:

  1. Set up the forum and allow participants to register, but not to post messages.
  2. Wait until we reach pre-determined registration goal, before opening forum to discussion. We usually suggest that a forum NOT open up discussion until it reaches 100 participants.
  3. We like to send announcements to the first 40-50 registrants, asking them to help us recruit the rest of the participants we need to launch.

In this case, we are really starting with a group that looks (to the user) like a discussion group (with notice that it is on "hold" until the official launch date), but functions like an announcement group - until we decide to launch the discussion, at which point the forum should look and act like a discussion forum. (Does that make sense??)

2) A group is set up for a specific purpose or event. At the end of the event or when the purpose is complete, the group is no longer needed and we wish to CLOSE the group permanently, but leave its archive available for anyone to view.

3) On rare occasions, we have a situation in a forum in which a "Hot" topics explodes and the forum manager finds it necessary to give the group a "cooling off" period. In this case, the forum manager might wish to take one of two possible routes:

  1. To pre-moderate all messages for a short time, until the situation is under control and the forum can be brought back to normal.
  2. Simply close the forum for a set time (3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or any other time frame)

We have done both #1 and #2 in the past, but only on VERY RARE occasions (Maybe 2-3 times in the last couple of years).

4) We set up a group for a two week discussion. During this time, we expect the group to function like a normal discussion group. At the end of the two weeks, we "close" the discussion, but continue to send the group announcements about upcoming events, until we are ready for another two week event. When the next two week event is about to begin, we re-open the group for public discussion. Of course, all of this is done with very clear instructions to the participants about how the group will function and what its current status is.


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