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Trash Collection


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Trash Collection

This is primarily an issue of public vs. private contracting. From time to time, someone in the St. Paul Issues Forum will complain about the inefficiency of the current private system, in which each homeowner contracts with a separate hauler. This results in many different haulers traversing the alleyways and streets of St. Paul each day. One large garbage truck traversing an alley once does as much damage as 1500 car trips down the same alley.

Arguments for private contracting:

  • Better service and better prices (competition)
  • Reduced opportunities for corruption
  • More opportunities for small haulers to survive

Arguments for public coordination:

  • More efficient. Fewer haulers in alleyways and less noise/pollution.
  • Simpler for home owners
  • Less damage to streets, alleys and boulevards

Alternative Proposals (to the current system):

  • Neighborhood or district council coordination of local garbage contracts.
    1. Mandatory participation
    2. Voluntary participation
  • One city-wide contract, renewed every 2-5 years
  • Have the city collect the garbage
  • Pay "by the pound"
  • City Authorized Trash Bags
    1. Different Bags for different kinds of trash
    2. Fee for bags based on disposal/recycling costs
    3. Use of authorized bags mandatory

Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board[1]

The Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB), formed in 1990, is a joint powers board comprised of two commissioners from the counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington, Minnesota. The Board develops plans for waste disposal in the metro area and also produces a number of reports and studies that are useful in researching waste disposal issues

Here are some interesting threads from the St. Paul Issues Forum on this topic:


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