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# Phillip Smith, Community Bandwidth
# Phillip Smith, Community Bandwidth
# Aubrey Stork, [ ThinData]
# Aubrey Stork, [ ThinData]
# Your Name, Org
# Larry Franschman,,,,
# Your Name, Org
# Your Name, Org

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Join E-Democracy.Org leader and Ashoka Fellow Steven Clift for an informal discussion of using the Internet for citizen participation, e-politics, and citizen media in Toronto, Canada.

We will meet for drinks/dinner the evening of Wednesday, October 17. The exact time and place is to be determined. Steven Clift is attending the Online News conference as one of the Knight News Challenge winners.

Sign-up here if you plan to join us. Watch this page for updates and e-mail if you want to be pro-actively notified of the location.

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  1. Steven Clift, E-Democracy.Org
  2. Chris Whitside,
  3. Eric Squair, Make Poverty History
  4. Phillip Smith, Community Bandwidth
  5. Aubrey Stork, ThinData
  6. Larry Franschman,,,,
  7. Your Name, Org

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