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Top 10 Reasons to Pledge $50 to E-Democracy.Org

Hosting and Technical Support

To help pay for the hosting and technical support for your forum. As our forums grow in size and sophistication, the costs of hosting the forums have grown as well. For most of its history, E-Democracy.Org has relied exclusively on volunteers to keep the site alive. As we have grown, this has become increasingly difficult and hard to sustain. Part of your pledge will go to support the hosting of your local Issues Forum and the technical support it needs to grow.

Improvements & New Features on Web Site

As the internet develops, E-Democracy.Org is struggling to balance the demands of our Issues Forum participants with our desire to keep things simple enough for the most basic users. Balancing this set of complex needs, requires us to continue to experiment and innovate with our site.

Recruitment of New and Diverse Participants

Additional Opportunities for Participation

  • State, National, and World Issues Forums

To Create Place for Community Conversations


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