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Terms of Hosting


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Terms of Hosting with E-Democracy.Org


E-Democracy.Org continues to discuss and debate how we can best provide support and encourage the growth and development of local Issues Forums around the globe, while keeping the costs of those services at a minimum to local communities.

Currently, it is FREE to set-up and maintain your forum on our site. HOWEVER, as a member of the network, we maintain the right to solicit voluntary donations from the individual members of all forums (in our network) as a means of supporting the entire network.

Currently, most of our financial support comes from three basic streams of income:

  1. Grants - from foundations or government agencies - usually tied to specific projects or programs
  2. Funded Start-Ups - we sometimes contract directly with local governments or community organizations to take an on-the-ground leadership role in the launch of a local Issues Forum. In such a case, we might offer extra on-site training and staff time.
  3. Member Donations - we expect that about 1/3 of our budget will be donated by individuals who are members of the various forums in our network. About 20% of each individual donation flows directly back to the local project, with the remainder covering technical costs, participant support (tech support), site management, and volunteer support.

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