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This is a work in progress. We do not expect this page to be complete until the end of July.

The idea, is that this will become a fully "linked" and "referenced" self-help worksheet for anyone interested in launching a successful Issues Forum in their own community. Each new group will set-up a copy of this page and enter the details/check off items as they are complete.

Please, feel free to offer edits, just understand that you are working on an early draft.

10 Steps to an Issues Forum

1) Set up an E-Democracy.Org "wiki" account

This portion of our site is a wiki. To use this template, you should set up a "wiki" account with us. Your wiki account will give you deeper access to the "pages" portion of the E-Democracy.Org web site. Unfortunately, your account (should you have one) in the "forums" portion forums.e-democracy.orgof our website does not work here. We are working on linking the two, but it might take a while.

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

2) Do background research

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

3) Identify a steering committee

Identify at least 5 people to serve on your steering committee. Your steering committee should not be a group of people with the same political and organizational affiliations within the community. Try to find a small group of people that:

  • Has some degree of political diversity
  • Includes some racial or gender diversity
  • Is able to set aside their personal agendas to create a non-partisan space fro public discussion

Enter at least five names here (its ok to use first names only):

  1. - replace with name -
  2. - replace with name -
  3. - replace with name -
  4. - replace with name -
  5. - add lines if necessary -

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

4) Set-up forum for your group to begin organizing

Ask E-Democracy.Org to set-up space for your group to begin organizing at: E-Democracy.Org

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

5) Do "charter" worksheet

Not yet developed

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

6) Have a face to face meeting

  • -- Pick a date and time -- MeetingWizard.Com
  • -- Select a location (we recommend a relaxed atmosphere and easy to access location, like a community coffee shop)

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

7) Identify a forum manager

  • Insert name here.

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

8) Recruit at least 100 participants

To Do: (move to "Done" as completed)

  • Create a sign up sheet (see template - when available)
  • Invite local elected officials (add sample email)
  • Invite local government staff (add sample email)
  • Invite local reporters (print, video, and internet) (add sample email)
  • Invite local community organizers (add sample email)
  • Send invitation to other online groups with community focus
  • Identify at least one community event to attend and pass out sign up sheet


  • Move items from "To Do" list to here as they are completed.

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

9) Organize a Kick-Off Event

You can make this as simple or elaborate as you like. Anything from a "happy hour" at local gathering place or party at someones home, to a more structured event with rented room and scheduled presentations.

* Sign here (name and date) when complete

10) Launch Forum

* Sign here (name and date) when complete


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