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Return to [http://pages.e-democracy.org/Starting_a_neighbors_forum Starting a neighbors forum]
Return to [http://pages.e-democracy.org/Starting_a_neighbors_forum Starting a neighbors forum]
Archived [[Start A Forum]] advice.
Archived [http://pages.e-democracy.org/Archived_Start_A_Forum Start A Forum] advice.

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So you've got 25 new members and your forum has been set up!

Step 1. Configure your forum page

You can adapt this text as your placeholder description for your About info tab on your home page (example):

  • Join your neighbors now! The PLACE HERE Neighbors Forum is the place to share announcements and discuss community issues and life specific to our area. While an independent forum, it is conceived as a friendly complement to our neighborhood association. The forum will open for introductions with 100 members. To get a sense of what this space can be check out this example open forum.
  • We do have a longer "charter" that you can craft (example) that sits a top our our universal civility rules. Don't worry about this for now.

The technology is the easy part. Outreach is what really makes or breaks opening a new forum.

Step 2. Introduce yourself to the forum and provide a sample invitation for initial members to forward widely.

Step 3. Collaborate with your initial base to build membership.

New members can be added in one of two ways.

  1. Provide the link to the forum home page where they will have the option to join directly.
  2. Ask your initial base to send the contact information of the people they've connected with who have said they'd like to join to your Forum Manager (that may or may not be you) who can add them directly.

Once you've reached 100 members, you're ready to publicly launch your forum!

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Archived Start A Forum advice.


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