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Standish Ericsson forum potluck


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The Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum potluck to be held from 5-7 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Sibley Park - 1900 40th St. E.

Bring a dish or beverage to share and any necessary serving utensils. Plates, cups, and silverware will be provided. You may also bring your own silverware if you wish to reduce the use of plastic at this event.

I'm interested

If you hope to attend, please list your name(s) and what food item/etc. you are offering to bring by pressing edit:

  1. Steven and Laurel Clift and 2 kids, 3 bottles/kinds of Swedish cider, Coke
  2. Randy, Apiradee, Songkran, and 1 dog (if possible), thai food
  3. Dale Mueller, Macaroni Salad
  4. Michelle, John and Max: cupcakes
  5. Anne and Frank Weaver, Pasta Salad, and/or Chili?
  6. Sareen and Brendan Keenan and 2 kids, something savory in the Crock-Pot
  7. Kristen and Wayne: vegetarian chili
  8. Angie and Lane Urtel: a side dish, something healthy, possibly vegetarian
  9. Steve Basile & Naomi Sack- something vegetarian and soy-free
  10. Nathan, Krista, and 2 kids: fruit
  11. Jeff, no idea, don't know what I'm eating tomorrow yet
  12. Nancy, dessert
  13. Amy Hornstra - Not quite sure but I'm leaning towards veggie pizza
  14. Kris Klocke & Van Erickson - food yet to be determined

Xiong Hioaung + 1; may we kindly bring of the gluten-free?


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