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Standish Ericsson forum potluck


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The Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum potluck to be held from 5-7 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at Sibley Park - 1900 40th St. E.

I'm interested

If you hope to attend, please list your name(s) and what food item/etc. you are offering to bring by pressing edit:

  1. Steven and Laurel Clift and 2 kids, two liter bottles of pop
  2. Randy, Apiradee, Songkran, and 1 dog (if possible), thai food
  3. Dale Mueller, Macaroni Salad
  4. Michelle, John and Max: cupcakes
  5. Anne and Frank Weaver, Pasta Salad, and/or Chili?
  6. Sareen and Brendan Keenan and 2 kids, something savory in the Crock-Pot
  7. Kristen and Wayne: vegetarian chili
  8. Angie and Lane Urtel: a side dish, something healthy, possibly vegetarian

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