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St. Paul E-Democracy


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St. Paul E-Democracy

Mission Statement (draft) The Mission of St. Paul E-Democracy is to empower, inform, and engage citizens in the public life of our community, by building online forums and tools for citizen engagement and making them accessible to the community. We seek to improve the quality of public policy decision making in our city, by linking the diverse voices of our citizenry to community leaders and elected officials in a civil and respectful exchange of information and ideas.

St. Paul E-Democracy Projects

  1. St. Paul Issues Forum
    • Forum Manager: Rick Mons
  2. Citizens Guide to St. Paul - testing phase, a respository of information for citizens.
  3. Rondo Outreach Program - Information about our outreach activities at the Rondo Community Outreach library.

SPED Executive Committee

  1. Tim Erickson (Chair)
  2. Charlie Swope (Vice Chair)
  3. Grace Kelly
  4. Mike Fratto (Treasurer)
  5. Bob Spaulding (Secretary)
  6. Rosa Maria de la Cueva Peterson
  7. Dave Hutcheson
  8. Gary Thompson

Non-Voting Members

  1. Ricks Mons - Forum Manager

SPED Agenda Items for upcoming SPED Executive Committee meetings

SPED Committees - Join a committe here

  • Finance & Membership Committee: Chaired by Mike Fratto
  • Communications Committee: Chaired by Grace Kelly
  • Strategic Planning Committee: Chaired by Bob Spaulding
  • SPIF Advisory Committee:
  • Outreach Committee: Chaired Rosa Maria de la Cueva Peterson
  • Governance Task Force:

Constitution & By-Laws


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