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This page is no longer being maintained; website upgrades have made this page obsolete. Please visit the new E-Democracy Homepage.

This is a directory of the most important pages across the E-Democracy.Org website, blog, wiki, and online groups.



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    • Minneapolis
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    • Winona
    • Others
  • United Kingdom
    • Brighton & Hove
    • Newham
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   New and important happenings with E-Democracy.Org.
       * Minnesota Elections 2006 including proposed Gubernatorial E-Debate
       * New local "wiki" directories in the UK for Newham and Brighton and Hove
       * Neighborhood forum planning, starting in Minneapolis
       * Get involved - new volunteer online group and international group for launching city-wide Issues Forums.
       * New Roseville, Minnesota local Issues Forum
       Participate with fellow citizens in our agenda-setting "citizen-based" online Issues Forums.
           * Registered forum participants should login.
           * Join a forum in Minneapolis, Roseville, St. Paul, or Winona or for Minnesota as a whole.
           * Join a forum in Brighton & Hove or the London Borough of Newham in the United Kingdom
           * Start a new forum in your local community or learn more with E-Democracy Experience videos

       Get informed with our non-partisan information and links.
           * Elections - MN 2006, US 2008 including "tagging" P2008
           * E-Democracy.Org Wiki - Includes:
                 o Popular, new, and recently updated pages
                 o U.S. political news from major media sources
                 o UK political news
                 o World news in English
           * E-Democracy Open Directory - navigate the world of government, media, and politics online.
           * E-Democracy Experience - Learn about e-democracy in multimedia.
           * Issues Forum Guidebook (PDF 3MB) - Start a vibrant online Issues Forum in your community. 
           * GroupServer - A new free software/open source tool we are using for our discussion forums.
           * E-mail Newsletter - Join 5,000 other citizens on our low volume e-mail update list.
           * E-Democracy Factory - Join our online groups for e-democracy builders and volunteers

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