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Seward Spalling Sidewalk List


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Listing Spalding Sidewalks in Seward

27th Ave and 24th street. All 4 corners. Especially around the wheelchair curb cuts
27th Ave, A number of places on the sidewalk in Matthews Park (East side of 27th, between 24th and 25th Aves
29th Ave, in Matthews Park, north and south of the intersection of 24ht street (west side of 29th Ave)
29th Ave along Seward School (west side of 29th Ave between 22nd and 24th
22nd Street along Seward School (South side of 22nd Ave)
22nd Street by the Church (SE corner--close to the school property line
2937? (the SW corner) E 24th Street (also a section at that lot on 30th)
3017 East 24th Street (this is a REALLY bad section)
the east side of Minneapolis mainly on the block north of 24th street but some north of 23rd Street
2304 30th ave. 2 sections there are bad.
2401 34th ave. 1 section, the carriage walk is bad.
2555 37th Av. multiple sections on 26th St. side


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