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(Optional Activities (Extra Credit))
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## Tim Erickson
## Tim Erickson
## Fred Flintstone
## Fred Flintstone
## --- Add Your Name Here ---
## Jay Wilkinson
## --- Add Your Name Here ---
## --- Add Your Name Here ---
## --- Add Your Name Here ---
## --- Add Your Name Here ---

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hi mom!

Session Two

Key Definitions

  • RSS Feeds - RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Simply put, an RSS feed allows people to subscribe to information being published on a web site. (Wikipedia Definition)
  • Web Feeds - RSS Feeds are only one several standards for syndicating material on the internet. Another option is an Atom feed. A web feed is a generic term that describes the process of syndicating content from your web site, or making it available for others to subscribe to. A web feed allows someone to publish a live (continually updated) stream of content from one site to another. (Wikipedia Definition)
  • Atom Feeds - See Wikipedia Definition

Useful Web Links


  1. If you have not already done so, set up a Gmail or Google account (They are basically the same thing).
  2. Log-in to Google Reader and subscribe to the St. Paul Issues Forum.
    1. Click on the "Add A Subscription" button in the left hand column
    2. Search for "St Paul Issues Forum"
    3. Find the listing with this URL - - and click on subscribe.
  3. Find another web site with an RSS feed and subscribe to it. Here are some examples:
  4. Visit our WetPaint wiki site and create your own page.
  5. We are creating a list of ideas for how to use a wiki. Add your own idea to the list. List of Ideas
  6. Use your Google or Gmail account to set up your own blog at Blogger.Com

Optional Activities (Extra Credit)

  1. Add your name to the list of names below. NOTE: This wiki is a little harder to use than the WetPaint wiki. You don't need to set up your own account to edit this page, however it does make it a bit easier.
    1. Tim Erickson
    2. Fred Flintstone
    3. Jay Wilkinson
    4. --- Add Your Name Here ---
    5. --- Add Your Name Here ---

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