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Back to [[Intro_to_Social_Media]]
Back to [[Intro_to_Social_Media]]
==Session One==
====Key Definitions====
====Key Definitions====

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Session One

Key Definitions

  • Social Networking - The use of online tools to connect with friends, family, work colleagues, or complete strangers.
  • Social Media - The ability for almost anyone to create, discuss, and distribute - written, audio, or visual content using digital tools
  • Web 2.0 - Web 1.0 was when web pages were primarily made up of static information. Web 2.O is a trend towards making web pages interactive, a shift towards user generated content, and an increased ability to share information.

Useful Web Links


Please work through the following tasks either alone or in small groups (most of these are intended to be done individually).

  1. If you do not already have a Google or Gmail account, please set one up. Your Google or Gmail account, will give you easy access to a number of websites/services that we plan to use during this class. Also, you may use a Gmail account as a DISPOSABLE email address, if you have concerns about using your regular email address for the purposes of this class.
  2. Identify the email address that you plan to use for the purposes of this class. Keep in mind:
    1. It should be an account that you can access from class
    2. You will need to use this account to register on several web sites, which may result in you getting some unsolicited emails after the completion of this class
    3. You are likely to get quite a bit of email over the next month, related to this class
  3. If you do not already have accounts at the following sites, please register or sign up at each of these sites, using the email account that you have designated for this class.
  4. Update your personal page on our social network to include:
    • A Photo (Does not have to be of yourself)
    • A very short bio (Just a few interesting things about yourself)
    • Your Twitter address (Mine is "EdemTim")
  5. Post a short message in the forum section of our Ning site, on the topic of: "Why did you sign up for this class?"
  6. Using Twitter, do the following (at least):
    • Follow "EdemTim" (that's me)
    • Post at least one update to Twitter
  7. Use Delicious to
    • find an interesting article or web site about social media, then bookmark it yourself and TAG it "Rondo-SM001".
    • Add me (or someone else in the class) to your Delicious network

Optional Activities (Extra Credit)


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