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This is a list of active two-way online community groups in the Seattle area. It includes e-mail lists, web forums, Facebook Groups and related online spaces designed for many to many exchange.

Identified in the outreach process for the Community Engagement Online for All workshop please add more. A broader selection of community sites are listed on the Seattle.Gov's Neighborhoods on the Net directory.

As Facebook Pages are more a kin to a place blog where people react to stories, they are not listed. If you know of exceptional two-way examples, please add them. Facebook Groups do fall within our scope. We maintain a similar directory as part of a "Be Neighbors" promotional campaign in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

This is a "wiki" page in progress. Feel free to help edit in the online group titles.

Neighbors Online in Seattle

Note: Which online neighborhood groups are missing? Please add them via the wiki or e-mail: FYI - We maintain a directory and map of similar online groups in the Twin Cities.

Online Parent Groups

Note: Holy cow, and we thought Brooklyn was the center of Parent e-mail lists. While the Twin Cities has some commercial online Moms forum mega-sites, this "parents" networking happens on our general Neighbors Forums. It is notable that our largest and most active forums have lots of family-related exchange.

Ethnic Online Groups

Note: We are seeking connections with those who have experience connecting within ethnic/cultural groups online and an interest how those communities can raise their voices within specific neighborhoods.



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