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This is what a topic digest looks like on from our Issues Forums. Any day there are new posts you receive an alert listing the new topics and the posts to existing topics.

You simply click on the link to review topics of interest and if logged into the website, you can reply publicly to the group.

To set your delivery option to digest, either set it via the web or simply e-mail the same address you use to post to the forum and in the subject write: digest on

Subject: [Oxford-HM] Topic Digest: 11 New Posts, 2 New Topics

There are 11 new posts in 2 new topics and 2 existing topics since

* Assistance with shopping for elderly people in Headington
  o http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/FiFRwzM0GLdSXfz1fopV1
  o 1 new posts, 1 total  — latest at Nov 23 22:49 GMT by Ruth

* Does Quarry need a Residents' Association?
  o http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/1eLGAXXRJzcnGTb9sysZ2j
  o 3 new posts, 38 total  — latest at Nov 23 21:48 GMT by Lindsey

* Building democracy and community online in Oxford - Volunteer query
  o http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/6dFE7MMqkw931Ms6Bquxq4
  o 1 new posts, 17 total  — latest at Nov 23 17:01 GMT by Kate

* Planning applications in Headington
  o http://forums.e-democracy.org/r/topic/1XC4gnVwxupOlAExbl6EOS
  o 6 new posts, 6 total  — latest at Nov 23 14:44 GMT by Stephanie

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