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Please use this web page to post information about St. Paul Tax Policy and links to useful resources.


TIF (Tax Increment Financing)="Tax increment financing (TIF) allows cities to create special districts and to make public improvements within those districts that will generate private-sector development. During the development period, the tax base is frozen at the predevelopment level. Property taxes continue to be paid, but taxes derived from increases in assessed values (the tax increment) resulting from new development either go into a special fund created to retire bonds issued to originate the development, or leverage future growth in the district." From - Tax Increment Financing TIF limits other taxing authorities (i.e. school districts) from benefiting from increased valuations.--Bleier 14:59, 13 Aug 2005 (PDT) Taxes Vs. User Fees= User fees are often seen meerly as a means for politicians to generate revenue for the city, without increasing taxes. However, user fees have other advantages. For example, St. Paul has an unusually high amount of schools, churches, and government buildings which are tax exempt. However, the city can still charge them user fees as a means of covering some of the basic city services which these institutions take advantage of. One of the downsides of user fees is that the property owner cannot deduct them on their taxes. SPIF: User Fees as Taxes In Disguise Is there a list of St. Paul TIF projects on the web? It would be interesting to see how many there are, how much property value is not being taxed and how long those properties will remain at the lower tax rate.


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