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SP Meeting Locations


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Great Places to Hold a Meeting

Large Venues (More than 25 people)

Bar's Or Restaurants

  1. O'Gara's (Snelling and Selby) has fairly large rooms available for groups.
  2. Sweeneys
  3. Happy Gnome, on Selby at Mackubin - formerly Chang O'Hara's. 2nd Floor is a large meeting space, good for 100 or more depending on seating arrangements needed. Happy Gnome and click on Firehouse Room
  4. Schroeders Bar & Grill on Front St.


  1. Paul and Shelia Wellstone Center for Community Building
  2. SPNN (St. Paul Neighbourhood Network
  3. Metropolitan State University
  4. Hamline University
  5. Concordia University
  6. Macalester College, Olin building (Tom Welna is the contact)
  7. James J. Hill House on Summit Avenue near Selby. Lots of great space, but $100 fee and up depending on needs.

Conference Centers or Halls

  1. C.S.P.S Hall on W 7th Street Near St. Clair.
  2. MN Humanities Education Center - East Side

Churches (with meeting rooms)

  1. The Episcopal Church Homes, Snelling Ave., NOTE: Willing to make rooms available for community groups
  2. Mississippi Market at Selby and Dale has meeting rooms located on the second floor. They have been used by other groups for meetings; cost unknown but presumably low.
  3. Arlington Hills Luthern
  4. Arlington Hills Presbyterian
  5. Immanuel Lutheran Church on Snelling south of Grand

Government Buildings / Schools / Rec Centers

  1. Rondo Outreach Library at Dale and University has three meeting rooms, including a multi-purpose room that can accommodate close to 100 in classroom seating style. Can be very difficult to reserve space as it is very popular, but free to nonprofits.
  2. St. Paul Public Schools Board/Administration Building at 360 Colborne St. has a number of small and large meeting rooms for public use. Free for mtgs involving school/district staff; small fees for nonprofits, higher fees for for-profits. Available M-Sat days and evenings; closed major holidays; call 651-767-8143 to reserve space.
  3. Newell Park Building
  4. Crossroads School (any details??)
  5. Arlington High (any details??)
  6. Central High (any details??)
  7. Hallie Q. Brown Community Center/Martin Luther King Rec Center, 270 Kent Street in Saint Paul, (651) 224-4601. Several different meeting rooms can accomodate small groups (Club Rooms A and B at around 15-20) or larger groups (Club Room C at maybe 50-70, the cafeteria space could do 150+).

Smaller Venues (Less than 25 people)

Restaurants & Cafes with "meeting rooms" or l"banquet rooms"

  1. Louisiana Cafe - 613 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102-1730, (651) 221-9140 Will reserve larger rooms for meetings if groups are large enough.
  2. Day by Day Cafe - 477 W. 7th St., St. Paul, MN 55102, (651) 227-0654 NOTE: Has lovely small and separate room for groups
  3. Applebees, Snelling & University, has/had a small banquet room for groups
  4. Cafe Con Amoré on Grand, NOTE: Has lovely small and separate room for groups
  5. Golden Thymes Coffee Café- 921 Selby Avenue
  6. Black bear Crossing at Como Park Pavillion. 3 rooms seating 20 - 60 people plus cafe with lots of room. 651-488-4920
  7. Bean Factory - (J&S) - Thomas at Hamline
  8. Hoa Bien Vietnamese Restaurant, 1105 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104,(651) 647-1011. Banquet room reserved separately from main restaurant. Don't have the full capacity, but should exceed 75 at least.

Other Restaurants & Cafes

  1. The Old Man River Cafe, 879 Smith Ave S., NOTE: We don't have a separate room, we do have a large enough space that we can generally accommodate up to 15-18 or so with some advance notice (651-450-7070)
  2. Mancini's, West Seventh Street, has "power booths" in the Lounge
  3. The University Club, Summit & Ramsey, is not just for old money any more! You may already know a member who will help you "infiltrate" the Club.
  4. The cafe' in the Landmark Center, Rice Park, is a nice place to meet for lunch, and convenient for the downtown folks.
  5. The Liffey (Irish pub, "World's Best Hotel Bar," W 7th & Kellogg) has a few nooks that make for good meeting places.
  6. Nina's Coffee Shop, 165 Western Ave N on the corner of Selby, is great for very small groups, not as good for five or more. Free WiFi access.
  7. Fresh Grounds coffee shop, 1362 West 7th Street, St. Paul. Open 7 am - 7pm Monday - Friday, but can stay open later for groups with advance notice. Large enough space to accomodate 15-20. Free WiFi available. 651-224-2348.

Government Buildings / Schools / Rec Centers

  1. Hamline Park Building, Snelling and Thomas
  2. Hancock Rec Center, Snelling and Hubbard


  1. see also SP Hotspots

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