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FREE Hotspots in St Paul Note: A Hotspot is a place where individuals can get wireless internet access.

  • 1500 block of Selby at Lady Fingers Nail Salon and The Neighborhood Cafe
  • A Fine Grind - 2038 Marshall Ave - (651) 645-9700
  • Amore' Coffee - 917 Grand Avenue (at Milton)
  • Artists' Grind - 2399 University Ave West - 651.641.1656
  • Bean Factory (J&S) - Thomas at Hamline
  • Bean Factory (J&S) - 1518 Randolph Ave. (2 blocks east of Snelling) 651.699-7788
  • Black Dog Cafe - 4th & Broadway, Downtown, across from Farmer's Market
  • Blondies Cafe - 454 Snelling Ave S. - 651-204-0152
  • Bravo! Bakery & Cafe - 1106 Grand Avenue - 651-287-9118
  • Brewberry's- Randolph & Fairview
  • Cahoots Coffee Bar – 1562 Selby Ave - (651) 644-6778
  • Caribou Coffee- check for locations (most have WiFi)
  • Coffee Grounds – Hamline Av, a block north of Hoyt
  • Cupcake - 3338 University Av, Minneapolis, MN 55414 612-378-4818
  • Dino's Gyros - 1700 Snelling Ave. - 651-645-8800
  • Dunn Brothers
    • 1569 Grand Av
    • 367 Wabasha St
    • 2583 W. 7th St
    • 2264 Como Av (and Finnish Bistro, St. Anthony Park, library across street)
    • Hamline at County B
      • Check website, because last time I did, only 2 of the 4 St. Paul cafes had free WiFi listed
  • Fabulous Ferns Restaurant - 400 Selby Av
  • Fine Grind - Marshall & Cleveland
  • Gingko's Coffeeshop - 721 N. Snelling Av
  • Golden Thymes Coffee Cafe - 921 Selby Avenue
    • Note: The last time I checked (spring 2005) you had to pay for the wireless here. Also, I had trouble getting it to work. (Tim_Erickson)
  • The Happy Gnome – Selby Av, f.k.a. Chang O'Hara's
  • Hearthside Restaurant & Pizza - 1641 Rice St, Saint Paul MN 55117 651-488-0549
  • J and S Bean Factory
    • 1518 Randolph Av
    • Hamline & Thomas
  • Jasmine's Coffee and Tea House - 849 University Ave W - (651) 379-4880
  • Keys Cafe- 767 Raymond Av
    • I got a strong open signal in Keys (late July 2005). I'm not sure if it was from Keys or a neighboring business. The waitress wasn't sure what I was talking about.
  • Mad Hatter’s Coffee Cafe and Tea Shop – 945 W 7th St, 55102
  • Minnesota History Center - Cafe Minnesota, Library and 3M Auditorium - 345 Kellogg Blvd. West
  • Nina's Coffee Shop - 165 Western Av N, at Selby
  • Panera Bread- various Minnesota locations
  • Roadside Pizza & Wings - 296 Larpenteur Ave East at Interstate 35E
  • Rudie’s - 1169 W 7th Street, St. Paul MN 55102 651-291-1963
  • Safari Coffee - 1571 University Avenue - 651-644-2377
  • Sweeney's - Dale St, between Selby & Summit Avs - this is a bar, not a cafe'
  • Stogies on Grand - 961 Grand Avenue
  • The Tea Garden - 1692 Grand Ave, St. Paul MN 55105 651-690-3495
  • White Rock Coffee Shop - 769 Cleveland Av S, St. Paul (Highland Park)
  • Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory- various Minnesota locations

The Relationship Between Gifts & Community

Wherever I go and ask people what is missing from their lives, the most common answer (if they are not impoverished or seriously ill) is "community." What happened to community, and why dont we have it any more? There are many reasons the layout of suburbia, the disappearance of public space, the automobile and the television, the high mobility of people and jobs and, if you trace the "whys" a few levels down, they all implicate the money system.

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5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Life Into an Abundant Garden

Dont judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~ Robert Lewis StevensonIt has been my experience that life is what you make of it. You can look at it many ways. It can be like a cup of coffee it is all in how you make it. I have decided to look at my life as a garden because your harvest all depends on what seeds you plant.

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Student Goes From Homeless to Harvard

Despite being abandoned to homelessness by her parents, Dawn Loggins worked as a high school custodian by day and studied hard by night to become the first person from her school to ever be admitted to Harvard.

[Student Goes From Homeless to Harvard]

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12 Lessons To Learn From Highly Successful People

The only work that will ultimately bring any good to any of us is the work of contributing to the healing of the world. Marianne WilliamsonSuccess can mean different things to different people, and I noticed that many of us have some kind of resistance to the word success, even though deep down inside, that is exactly what we all want, to live a successful and meaningful life.

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Research Reveals Largest Ancient Dam Built by Maya Civilization

Recent excavations, sediment coring and mapping by a multi-university team led by the University of Cincinnati at the pre-Columbian city of Tikal, a paramount urban center of the ancient Maya, have identified new landscaping and engineering feats, including the largest ancient dam built by the Maya of Central America.

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