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[[Frogtown Neighborhood Forum]]
[[Frogtown Neighborhood Forum]]
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Upcoming Workshops

7-8:30pm at Rondo Library

March 3 Online Tools for E-Citizenship
March 10 Social Networking
March 17 Building Your Own Website
March 24 Online Video
March 31 Online Maps and Geotagging
April 7 How to Create a Community Blog
April 14 Podcasting: Your Voice Online
April 21 Staying Safe and Secure Online
April 28 Cool Tools for Community Organizing

Read about our current activities in our St. Paul Updates e-newsletter.

Take our survey!

Go to the St. Paul Public Library website, scroll down to the "Community Computer Use Survey," and select your preferred language.


Rondo Workshop Schedule

Printable Workshop Schedule

Rondo Volunteer Schedule

SPED Meetings


Frogtown Neighborhood Forum

Frogtown Neighborhood Forum

Upcoming Meetings

March 17 SPED-Outreach




April 21 SPED-Outreach




Contact SPED-Outreach

Phone: 651-808-7363 <click for email>

SPED-Outreach volunteers table in Rondo Library most Mondays from 4-6pm.

Jonathan is available most other weekdays from 10-4 in the District 8 Planning Office, located at: 627 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104


New Tools for Public Participation: Google Tools



Podcasting: Telling the World


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