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In 2007, E-Democracy.Org received a grant from the Blandin Foundation for an 18 month project that will run into 2009. The purpose of the grant is:

  1. To collect and share emerging lessons from online citizen engagement and media in Greater Minnesota.
  2. To identify potential partners interested in launching local Issues Forums in Greater Minnesota and to host and help launch at least 3 such forums.

We will be using this page to keep friends, partners, and the public informed of our progress and to provide opportunities for input and/or participation in the project.

For more info: available in PDF. For updates follow our Project Blog posts tagged "rural."

How You Can Get Involved

  • 1. Become an Outreach Partner - Invite submissions to our Minnesota Citizen Media and Online Engagement survey and spread the word about hosting citizen media outreach events and Issues Forums.
  • 2. Host a Citizen Media and Online Engagement Outreach Event - We are identifying five regional sites. Offer your community site and help generate interest.
  • 4. Start an Issues Forum - We need volunteers in at least three rural communities/regions to join us and start a local Issues Forum. This model combines an accessible e-mail lists, with a web forum, and a multi-author blog. It works. ;-)
  • 5. Contact us about joining our online Rural Voices Working Group - We have a behind-the-scenes online working group for those involved with our initiative. This is a great place to get involved.

Contact us to help in any of these areas:

Citizen Media and Online Engagement Outreach Events

The cities listed are for discussion purposes - outreach event selection process is under way.

  • Southeastern Minnesota - Proposed Date:
    • Possible Location: St. Charles, Winona, Stewartville
  • Southwestern Minnesota - Proposed Date:
    • Possible Location: Willmar, Marshall, Pipestone, Hutchinson
  • Central Minnesota - Proposed Date:
    • Possible Location: Pine City, Collegeville, Morris
  • Northeastern Minnesota - Proposed Date:
    • Possible Location: Grand Marias, Range Towns, Bemidji - Stop in Grand Rapids as well
  • Northwestern Minnesota - Proposed Date:
    • Possible Location: Fergus Falls, Sebeka or Menahga

Possible Issues Forums

The five outreach events will lead in part to the identification of at least three Issues Forums in Greater Minnesota (outside of larger areas Duluth, St. Cloud, Rochester and of course the Twin Cities).

  • North Shore - Lake and Cook Counties
  • Winona Area - Relaunch Winona city forum to cover full county (would not count toward three forums)

Documents and Resources

  • Rural Voices project timeline
  • Prospecting Spreadsheet (password required)
  • Citizen Media Survey
  • Maps and demographics
    • Map 1

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