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FAQ about School Board

This was originally taken from information posted to the Roseville Issues Forum on Mon, July 19, 2007, by Linda McLoon. Note, it may have been updated or changed by others since then.

Are School Board members paid?

At last report, school board members received a stipend of $900 per month, or $10,800 per year.

Do they actually have offices?

School board members do not have their own individual offices within the district.

Do they keep any office hours in which frustrated or helpful parents, students, etc., can pay a visit?

To my knowledge board members do not have regular office hours where individuals can come and meet with them. Current board members following this forum may want to weigh in on this topic with how they make themselves available to the public. The best way to reach a board member is to call 767-8149. Mrs. Higgins, the Assistant Clerk/Secretary to the board is usually able to connect quickly to board members.

Do they have paid staff? Etc.

There is one paid position associated with the board. The assistant clerk/secretary of the board is a position paid by the district. The duties include scheduling, administrative work, support functions and research for individual board members. This is not an elective position.

How much time does a school board member put into the job, on average?

The amount of time a school board member spends "on the job" depends upon the individual, upon the time of year, and the duties that are at hand. It is difficult to estimate and "average" time. Again, board members following this forum may want to provide perspective on this point.

Update: In the summer of 2005, the StarTribune ran an article about the unusual hours that Al Oertwig was putting in at school district headquarters. See Graveyard Shift.

How often do they meet?

By law the board can meet on the first and third Tuesday's of the month. The board always meets at least once a month. Depending upon the need, the board meets twice, and can call special meetings as necessary. In addition to these meetings, The Committee of the Board-composed of all seven members, generally meets on Monday or Tuesdays, although not every week. Members of the St. Paul School Board also serve on boards and committees in the wider community.

All board meetings and board minutes are posted on the school district's web sight. To access this information, go to and click on Board of Education.

How big is the school board?

The school board is composed of seven members. Elections are held every two years, either for three seats or four, depending upon the year.

How long is a school board term?

School board terms are four years. The next election will be in 2003.


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