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==FAQ about School Board==
==FAQ about School Board==
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The term is 4 years.
The term is 4 years.

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FAQ about School Board

This was originally taken from information posted to the Roseville Issues Forum on Mon, July 19, 2007, by Linda McLoon. Note, it may have been updated or changed by others since then.

Are School Board members paid?

Yes. They are paid around $4,900. In the last 8 years, they have not raised their stipend at all. The chair gets an additional $1,000 or so.

Do they actually have offices?

School board members do NOT have offices. They often use public venues, such as the library, to meet with people.

Do they keep any office hours in which frustrated or helpful parents, students, etc., can pay a visit?

Every board member that I know is always accessible by telephone or the Internet. In this modern age, email is THE major way parents communicate with most board members. It is fast, efficient, and very convenient. Part of the job of a school board member, is not to "solve" the problem, but to direct people with problems to the person or persons that can actually help them

Do they have paid staff? Etc.


How much time does a school board member put into the job, on average?

They have 2 regular school board meetings and one study session per month. Each of them is a liaison to other organizations. For example, Linda McLoon (at the time she answered this question) served on the Association for Metropolitan School Districts. THIS WAS UNPAID. She was on the executive committee of that organization, and then chairperson, and had one meeting per week, 7 am to 9 am. All school board members serve on something like this.

In addition they attend advisory committee meetings. They rotate, but basically there are 1 of these per month for each board member. They also attend: Community Ed, Adult Education, ECFE, Seniors, etc etc. Again, NO ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION.

They also have occasional long goal-planning meetings with all the district leadership team

In addition, there is a great deal of reading material.

How often do they meet?

As I indicated above, as a whole board they meet 3 times/month at the minimum.

How big is the school board?

There are 6 members in the District 623 school board. We each ser serve 4 year terms, with 3 up for reelection at one time.

How long is a school board term?

The term is 4 years.


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