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(Project planning and coordination)
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** [[Next Generation Ideas]]
** [[Next Generation Ideas]]
** [[Inclusive Social Media]] including [[Neighborly]]
** [[Inclusive Social Media]] including [[Neighborly]]
** [http://www.professay.com/ Custom Essay Writing]
** [[Public Meetings]]
** [[Public Meetings]]
** [[DemocracyMap]]
** [[DemocracyMap]]

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This is the starting point for E-Democracy.Org project proposal development, planning, and coordination. It connects to the Projects involvement online group for volunteers from across E-Democracy.Org as well as public Board work.

Project planning and coordination

For funded or volunteer-driven projects in process.

Project proposals and brainstorming

For proposed projects and outlining new ideas, including possible grants.

  • Grants - A public window into our grant-writing efforts - this represents a portion of our work in this area. We have a grant writer on contract.
  • Project ideas - We have number of big ideas under consideration for potential grants/funding requests. If you happen to be a funder, consider this list a "call for funds" and let us know what you'd like to see in detail.

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